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Platform lift

Also known as a wheel chair lift, a platform lift is a powered device that is designed to assist a wheelchair or better still a wheelchair bound individual essentially move up through a certain inclined surface. Needless to say these wheelchairs are designed with the express purpose of ensuring that the mobility issues of individuals with disability were addressed. A wheel chair lift essentially works on the same principal that an escalator work ' the conveyor belt underneath the surface essentially provides the thrust that is required for the propulsion of the wheel chair forward.

A platform lift will be typically installed in vans and buses to aide in matters that have to deal with mobility. There are two types of platform lifts that are to be found in the market ' single arm platform lifts and dual arm platform lifts. These are essentially the types of platforms that are installed in vans; in buses, the platform lift that is used is referred to as powered lifts. The installation of these lifts in public transport vehicles is normally guided by the Transport Act of the issuing country whilst in vans it's normally an issue that is left to the discretion of the manufacturer.

Apart from automobiles, these lifts are installed in public places such as hospitals and homes. They also come with safety features such as safety locks that prevent the wheelchair from being at the mercy of gravity; this machine also comes with a gearbox that ensures that the individual who is riding along it controls the machine's pace. The construct of these materials is relatively light (less than 50 pounds in most cases) and durable (they are ordinarily made from steel). If you are n the market for a platform lift then knowledge of the above facts will get you off on the right footing.


Stair lifts are designed to take a person a flight of stairs, access lifts allows a wheelchair to travel up and down a flight of stairs.